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Non-Profit Citizen Journalism News Website

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MISSION: Social Change Through Citizen Awareness

Charitable Humans is a non-profit organization dedicated to the ideas that people matter and that change is achievable. As human beings, we are in control of our environment, society, and overall existence.

Charitable Humans believes that every human being is entitled to a voice and a vision. One of our organization’s goals is to form a team of volunteer Citizen Journalists who will investigate and write articles on a variety of subjects that they feel are unreported or ignored by the mainstream media. We envision a free press where ideas are shared, injustice is exposed, illogical reasoning is not tolerated, and where cooperation & collaboration of regular citizens pave the way for positive change in our society.

We need a domain name that sort of sums up what this project is all about. We want to impact humanity through both awareness and participation.

PLEASE NOTE: Reporting on injustice is certainly a top priority, but we don't want to give the impression that our news project is specific to issues of injustice. The domain name should reflect our purpose of honest, uncensored & ethical journalism by & for ordinary citizen's not only contributing to the news, but also using the news to drive real change.

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