Name for Advertising Inventory Marketplace (Buy & Sell Ad Inventory)

Name for Advertising Inventory Marketplace (Buy & Sell Ad Inventory) close

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I am looking for a name for my new advertising inventory marketplace. The marketplace will offer publishers & advertisers a simple & easy to navigate e-commerce style platform to buy & sell advertising inventory across all media channels (Digital, Print, Streaming, Out-of-Home). The name should be applicable worldwide as our key markets will be US, Europe, South America, Asia. (.com preferably) Key USPs for this marketplace will be its simplicity & ease-of-use, cross-channel advertising capabilities, and multi-publisher deals. Preferably something one or two words in length and does not have to be specific to advertising but this would be preferable. We have come up with some ideas internally but we are open to suggestions that do not relate to media/advertising that would be less descriptive and more standalone such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. Our initial suggestions:

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