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Name for a New Operating System for Human Organizations

Domain Name Contest created 3 years ago


Name for a New Operating System for Human Organizations

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I am building a new operating system to coordinate work and communications better inside organizations. It is something that is the heart of the organization. Or an engine. Something that runs an organization. Something that is built to perform. It is better if it is an action persona.

This new way of managing commitments and breakdowns will become a new way of communication with in the office of the future. It is a replacement for email and project management systems. Company can build the heart of their operations in this system, and get clear visibility on what's working in the organization and where are the breakdown. It is like a soul of the business. Or a result of a well run system, like performance or something.


UPDATE: I am in love with the harvest metaphor. It connect to ancient times when humans started to cultivate crops and organize themselves, with right kind of coordination and systems to make sure everyone eats in the village. It is a job of harvester to make it all happen. Harvester is like an engine that runs and runs and runs and feeds and feeds and feeds. Found dictionary word with .co. I am going with this, unless anyone have serious warnings about .co as a domain?

QUESTION: What is better? Harvester.co or HarvesterHQ.com? Or something else added to Harvester? This is going be a web based where people log in and see all action in their business and life and manage from central command point. Ideas?

REQUEST: Creatives, please vote between Harvester.co and HarvesterHQ.com. Thank you most kindly.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: business coordinator engine harvester integral machine operations operator system
orgos.com hubspot.com

Winner: Harvester.co

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