Executive Coaching Firm

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Executive Coaching Firm

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Name is for a boutique Executive Coaching firm. The purpose is to engage high achieving Executives and/or teams for individual or group coaching. The name should reflect these attributes: smart, engaging, energetic, forward-thinking, disciplined, respected

The Founding Partner is an Executive Presence, Small Business & Career Coach, working with executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and those in transition to make meaningful changes, whether they are looking to grow their businesses, improve their leadership and communication skills, or make a career shift. Most recently, She has coached financial services executives and small business owners to grow their businesses. She is adept at helping others navigate major career transitions, as she herself shifted from being an executive at a Fortune 500 Financial Services firm to the leadership team of a rapidly growing mid-sized business and now to entrepreneurship.

The Founder has worked extensively with financial services executives, small business owners and female professionals looking to make significant positive change. Her specialties include:

• Executive Presence Coaching • Performance Coaching for Financial Services Executives and Small Business Owners Looking to Grow • Career Transitions from Promotions to Mid-Career Shifts

She applies a proven researched coaching process in both group and individual engagements. Together the Coach and client define specific goals that are tracked and reported on regularly.

She is certified with one of the Ivy League executive coaching certification program (her partners are also from the program), has an MBA and a BA from prestigious universities as well. She is a former Division 1 field hockey player and today coaches her children in hockey and lacrosse in her free time.

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