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Social Media Team Management Software

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago


Social Media Team Management Software

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This social media tool allows you to select one social media expert who then works on behalf of your entire team. The expert is able to keep your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In up to date for each individual team member as if they were updating their own status.

To give a practical example, imagine an office of financial planners who should be distributing relevant content to their social media networks. Some are busy, some are lazy, some just don't know what they're doing. With this SaaS, the company can hire one person to manage everyone's social media in an effective way. Moreover, the site tracks clicks, likes, comments and shares, so your social media expert can tell exactly what kind of traction your content is getting!

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Keyword suggestions: amplify boost engine management mlm one rep sales social team voice
socialmlm.com facebookarmy.com socialmediawiz.com

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