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Community Housing Network

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Our company runs a network of shared houses with 6-24 housemates per house where everyone is into the idea of spending time getting to know each other and living together as a community. Members have the ability to choose the house that best fits their ideal vibe/culture and have the freedom to move between houses in the network. We take care of all the annoying logistics of shared living (house cleaning, restocking common supplies, furnishing common spaces) so that no-one has chores and there aren't petty fights over dirty dishes in the sink.

Our target demographic is post-college/pre-marriage and we're expanding from our home base in SF to NYC, Boston, DC, Seattle, Chicago, LA, and Austin over the next year. We add a lot of value to members that are new to a city because we make it much easier to build meaningful relationships with like-minded people. We see our biggest value-adds as: 1) Helping to bring together a great group of people that encourage, support, and learn from each other and 2) Taking care of all the hassles of finding a decent place to live.

We're currently using the name Campus, and you can learn more about us here:

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Commune, Collective, Co-op

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