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Spiritual Blog

Domain Name Contest created 1 month ago

Spiritual Blog

Domain Name Contest created 1 month ago

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Short Description: Faith based blog emphasising a humble approach to discovering truth while promoting open discussion. Open to members of all faith groups including atheism, but targeting Christians. Need a clever and catchy name.

Longer Description: Blog topics will depend on my current interests, all relating to the Christian faith. My first subject will be atheism as my best friend is a firm atheist and loves to challenge me. I will be reading several atheist books and then blogging about what I learn from them. In a way the blog will function as a way for me to formalise what I believe. My articles should help anyone better understand atheism but it should help Christians have meaningful and loving conversations about it. I will move on from atheism and begin blogging about other topics eventually.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: Truth / Discovery / Humble / Student / Meek / Scholar
Words to Avoid:
Spiritual, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, Faith, Religion, Bible, Scripture, Holy, Zen

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