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Radio Show

Domain Name Contest created 4 months ago


Radio Show

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This show is for those who realize everything is energy -- those who are naturally introverted as well as those who wish to explore energy, how our energy influences our outer manifestations/life experiences, and the spiritual/intuitive realm. Topics range from tools and techniques for introverts to neuroscience/how the brain influences our energy and personal effectiveness to mediumship and intuition. Targeting adults, nationally & internationally, with a preference for introversion and/or a preference for the spiritual -- those who realize we create by our energy and vibration more so than by our actions. Looking for a radio show name that is clear, succinct, and easily understood across cultures. Shorter is preferable. If the word "energy" is used it must be clear the title is NOT about fossil fuels, solar energy, etc.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: inner energy vibration introvert spirit focus
The Introvert Advantage, Everything is Energy
Words to Avoid:
show, podcast, pod, community, life, psychic, intuition, spiritual

Winner: IntuitiveIntroverts.com

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