Commercial Bank Lending in the Dominican Rep and Raising Capital in the US

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Commercial Bank Lending in the Dominican Rep and Raising Capital in the US

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UPDATE: I have partially liked many of the names below, but still no cigar. I realize that I like unique names, that have a positive connotation, but the name does not necessarily mean something.

For example, Barclays Capital. Barclays has a sophistication, royal, modern, sexy feel to it, but the word Barclays is only a name.

So that is why I like the name Centive, since it gives of a positive and grounded feel.

I like when names end in "rial" or similar endings, since it gives off prestige. So a name like Meridial Capital sounds good, since Meridian + Imperial = Meridial

We are getting closer!! I would also like to pay the winner additional $$ for their work. $50 you get is in no way fair!

I appreciate the help!!

Hello Naming Gurus,

I am starting a specialized commercial bank lending in the Dominican Republic and raising capital in the United States. I need a name that represents the general values of a bank: trust, strength, solid, grandiose, and sophisticated.

The name could reflect a sense of sharpness, slickness, sexiness, smoothness. It can also have a tie to the Dominican Republic as well. We were the first country established in the new world, so this could give some insight.

I don’t want the name to sound like the bank is an offshore tax haven bank. I also want to include “Capital” as part of the name as it reflects the current and future business model for the company.

For example, a name I like is Imperial Capital, but it’s a bit dry. I thought something like Blue Imperial Capital as well.

Thanks to all!! Looking forward to reviewing your submissions!

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Keyword suggestions: capital
Meridian Regal Imperial Centive


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