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A Brand of Luxury / Hi End / Premium Noise Reducing Women's Earplugs

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We need help with a brand name that is highly memorable, easy to say, and evokes a sense of a premium / luxury product. The brand is exclusively women's earplugs, that come in beautiful gift worthy packaging. The earplugs are typically re-usable (not single use foam earplugs), waterproof, made of silicone, can be easily cleaned, are very comfortable, and are designed to be nearly invisible in the ear so that others are not aware that the user is wearing them. The earplugs have a flat frequency response - They allow the user to hear the normal spectrum of sound without muffling the sound. Sound is just quieter. They are high-fidelity ear plugs. Example uses: -Concerts and festivals - hear the music clearly - just at a lower volume. No ringing in your ears or ear pain after or during the event -Bars, restaurants, clubs - Carry on conversations, place or take meal or drink orders while reducing the background noise. Again, you can still hear everything, loud sounds are just quieter. -Sleep - lower the sound of snoring spouses - but still hear your alarm -Swimming/surfing - keep water out of your ear and prevent swimmers/surfers ear while still being able to talk to others -Musicians - lower the volume while still being either to hear what you and your band are playing. Hear every note just as you would without earplugs - just quieter. The name should fit the brand that sells earplugs for all of the above, without being specific to any of the individual products/use cases. The name should be available as a .com domain. Names that I like include: - Pureplugs - Hearbliss - Hushplugs - Revear (Reveal + Ear) Other brands that exist: (Don't do any names similar to this) - eargasm - hush - earpeace - downbeats - vibes - reverbs - earasers Also, please don't use the word "buds"

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