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General Purpose Desktop App

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


General Purpose Desktop App

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I've written a software application that helps you do everything on your computer and the internet more quickly and easily. I need a name that can be trademarked (it and any similar sounding name is not used by a software company) and I can get the .com address. This needs to be a relatively short, easy to spell, catchy name that is preferably verbable. It doesn't need to mean anything specific. Names such as google, newegg, etc. would work as well as something like netzy, flygate, or onehub.

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Keyword suggestions: easy merge fast simple fusion nation unleash easel palette mentor master coach worldz ezer group Simple Enable Ramp Amp places mob we Space Trail Explore Discover Cove Scout fluent fly soar robo lassie cyborg ican strength fortis forte hub metropolis converge gather port aware awake refresh savvy awaken arise sprout spry nimble flex Fluid Flow fuze impart energy spiffy

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