Unique Name Needed for an Automotive Racing Friendly-Challenge Series

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Unique Name Needed for an Automotive Racing Friendly-Challenge Series

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I want a single name or three short words strung together. perhaps a real wordsmith could put together two names in one. Doman DOES NOT NEED TO BE AVAILABLE!

Terms that describe us: Motorsports Medley Circuit Series Race Challenge

I run a driving event that brings out novice-pro level and all kinds of cars from datsuns to bmw, mercedes, ferrari and lamborghini. we are on a track or marine base with different challnges: road course, slalom and gymkhana or obstacle course. lots of non-drivers also show up to take in all the events and social aspect. we time events and acknowledge both the winners and the -ahem- losers.

terms that describe us: race cars challenge fast fun speed adventure stream GT GTP redline competition compete learn win drive turismo velocity

Existing company names that I like, that are of course taken:

Top Gear Speed Ventures Gran Turismo Shift Sector Targa Trophy Forza Gymkhana

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: challenge / circuit / motorsports / mission / enduro / gear / geared / battle / race / series / revolution / speedcross / rally / autox / auto / motor / motormix / xtreme / speed / track / function / blitz / mix / medley / event / stream

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