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Web Design & Development Company

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We’re a small ( Just 2 of us, with a network of other professionals we regularly work with ) web design and development team focusing on guiding motivated small and medium businesses transition into online marketing and sales. That said, anyone seriously interested in how the web can help them reach their organizational or personal goals would be an ideal client.

Demographically our target audience is probably about 60/40 male to female. Generally between the ages of 34-50. Typically middle class. Comfortable with computers and general computing concepts although probably find more technical concepts daunting. They’re frequently business oriented, but unproven first time venturers are not an extreme rarity.

Our mood, to throw an overused word is quirky. However we’re still very analytically minded. Slightly academic, comfortable being called geeks, but nerds would be a stretch. Semi-formal. We have strong belief in maintaining standards and focusing on usability to improve the web as a tool, and help enrich the lives of all people.

As we’re a web oriented company, a .com is pretty much required.

We tend to prefer shorter names, even single words when they’re on point, but we’re fully aware of low availability, so we’re open to creative combinations, and appends like interactive etc. We like names that produce strong visuals as opposed to conceptual names. “Monster” for example, as opposed to “TransUnion”. “Motifs” we prefer include, high energy, large scale, motion, Atomic-age science, but we are not at all married to these, please feel free to go crazy. We love whimsy and quirkiness. We want to avoid extremely literal names where possible “2webguys.com” would be too bland.

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: accelerator / advance / blast / burst / colossal / compel / cycle / cyclic / engage / force / forward / giant / immense / impact / incite / insight / interact / interactive / labs / loft / mammoth / mantle / massive / measure / meter / motor / native / over / propel / radius / smash / speed / thrust
Critical Mass, Colossal, Big Spaceship, Kinetic, North Kingdom, Happy Cog, BlueCadet, Red Interactive Agency, Massive, Ignition Interactive, Racket, Good Twin, Ditto, Blast Radius
Words to Avoid:
Studio, SEO, Geek, Nerd, Guys, IT, Web ( in most cases )

Winner: SmashInsight.com

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