Tech Company that Seeks a Rebrand (Promoting Fresh Business)

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Tech Company that Seeks a Rebrand (Promoting Fresh Business)

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Pick the Perfect Name

Brief description: - I want to recreate my company with my beliefs. I believe in the intersection of humanity and business (SB). We’re a SB, and we target SB. We respect the dignity of our team and our clients. More than anything, we know how to be human. There is too much BS in business. We shun that. We believe in simple, easy-to-use services and we obsess over the user experience in our offering. We build web-based tools that help SB.

Keywords/phrases that define the brand: - warm - simple - approachable - change agent - defy status quo - setting a new standard - new breed - loud and vocal (In writing/copy) - edgy (edgy in the sense that I’m going to blog about business paradigms and be very vocal, although, NOT edgy where I’ll be using swear words) - evolved - respectable - raw and real (no BS, very truthful) - human - fun (humorous) - fresh - different - social - sustainable and long-term (everything I play to, and all decisions, will be made with a long-term strategy in mind, no short term gains) - creative - new belief (we believe in a new way of doing business)

Words/concepts/things I like: - fire - nature - humanity - doors - open

Questions for ideal name:

  • Does it relate to a small business owner?
  • Does it feel warm/create positive connotation?
  • Is it evocative?
  • Does it indicate fresh and different?
  • Is 9-10 characters or less?
  • Does it paint a picture?


  • The name could imply the opposite of what I want. eg. Caterpillar (they sell huge tractors, but their name indicates small)
  • Does it appeal to sensory details?
  • I shouldn’t have to spell it out every time I say it
  • A repetitive sound in a name is a plus, such as alliteration or rhyming. eg. Coca Cola, Blackberry, Palm Pilot, Marilyn Monroe
  • The same name MUST be available as a .com, on Twitter, YouTube, vimeo, flickr
Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Apple, Virgin, Yahoo, Safari, Titan, Naked, Tree Top, Amazon, Cracker Jack, Crest, Caterpillar, Bigfoot, Tickle, Firefly, Bonfire

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