High-End Jewelry & Fashion Website - Luxurious Memorable Domain Needed

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High-End Jewelry & Fashion Website - Luxurious Memorable Domain Needed

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Hi, we are starting a website making high-end Haute Couture jewelries and fashion products and need a .com domain name. The domain name must be .com and registerable, under 12 letters long, sounds very luxurious and high-end and very memorable and easy to pronounce for Americans.

Unique! High-end ! Luxurious ! Short! Memorable! Easy to pronounce! Maybe French-like!

There are 2 styles of domains that I like:

  1. I LOVE FRENCH BRAND NAMES. I love domain names sound like a high-end luxurious brand name, sounds like French (like Chanel, Fabergé, Versace,Hermès,Dior,Prada,Cartier, Eternelle, Idee, Cassiar). One word is preferrable, two words together like Louis Vuitton is NOT preferrable.
  2. Domain name sound like a platform name for luxury product and jewelries, for example Journelle, Sephora,Harrods, Bluefly, Net-a-Porter etc. NO COMMON WORDS like TruJewels, LuxuryJewelry, JewelryShop, etc.

Please also include a SLOGAN of the website in the comments along with posting the domain name. I will give a +1 VOTES for ANYONE POSTING A DOMAIN NAME + SLOGAN .

Thank you all for participating and great inspirations in advance!

Remarks: For contestants coming up with the same name, I'll choose the one posted earlier in time.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: -elle gem jewel la- le le- lure lux vian
LaMer, LeVian, Ambrosia, Allure, Pandora, Tiffany, Chanel, Fabergé, Versace,Hermès,Dior,Prada,Cartier,Hermès, Topshop, Sephora, Elle, Eternelle, Idee, Cassiar, Molie
Words to Avoid:
jewelry, jewel, luxury, boutique, true, shop, store, mall, find, best, & other common and ordinary words.

Winner: Elainsa.com

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