Social Website Managing Referral Tiers and Bonuses

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Social Website Managing Referral Tiers and Bonuses

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We're looking for a nifty, catchy, edgy name.

This is for a social site that can deal with tiers in a referral chain. If business is sent along the chain by referral, there is a managed structure of reward. This is being looked at specifically for job recruiting.

Prefer a unique name which will determine unique search results. Memorable, easy to pronounce. We don't like domains that are too literal - like for instance; so something less directly referential would be great.

This is about getting something very specific and targeted so it's a focused concept rather than something as broad and encompassing as a spectrum. The idea is get better responses, more targeted ones, by using the referral chain. More reliable and better quality of applicant. More speed.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: ... better faster focused layer managed payback referral reward slice social structure targeted tier


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