Short Catchy Name for Business Intelligence Company

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Short Catchy Name for Business Intelligence Company

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Cloud based business intelligence software that can pull data (key performance indicators KPI) from multiple sources, integrate it, and display it visually and simply on a dashboard. Dashboard can be accessed real time via smart phone app. This software empowers businesses to make faster, smarter decisions on the fly by giving them instant and easy access to all the real time "intelligence" they need at the click of a button. Target market is SMALL businesses.

Looking for short, catchy names that are easy and fun to say. Also, names that convey or integrate the following would be best: speed, business intelligence, confidence, visual, dashboard. Perfectly OK with made up words if they are short, memorable, and fun to say.

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Keyword suggestions: (bi) (kpi) business dashboard genius indicators integrate intelligence iq key light metrics mobile performance secure smart technology visual

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