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I want to inspire young people to think and help them identify the most important ideas of the day (that usually have a long history). Constant exposure to common media and ideology makes us one of the most ignorant countries in the world, for no reason. Young people may have been spoiled by a prosperous era, but the long term rules of life on this earth haven't changed; The rise of ideology, the failures of globalism, the rise of the police state and state power … I am a fan of the NYRB, I like to search for the deeper ideas contained within the superficial rabble so the young can recognize what is truly important because the laws that have governed survival on earth haven't really changed, and there are signs of tough times ahead. So I don't know how I would come up with a distinct description of what I do. Now that I am older and a little more established, I can afford to speak what I believe is truth in the face of power. These issues are coming to the forefront again, and few if any of us, especially the young are prepared enough. We need to recognize ideology when we see it, we need to move away from a life based on materialism, we need to use our privilege as a human to focus more on what really matters

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Keyword suggestions: a build come dangers future how life meaningful to values
Already taken: What really matters; the future is now
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my name, psychological terms, doomsday terms

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