Website to Assist US Military Members Transition to Business

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Website to Assist US Military Members Transition to Business

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I am looking for a name for a website / online community that will be a "one-stop-shop" to US Military members that are transitioning out of the military and into business. Members of the US Military sacrifice much for their nation and when the time comes for them to leave the service it can be a very overwhelming experience. My aim is to create a website/community that helps guide the military member to the most useful resources to help him/her efficiently and effectively transition out of the US Military and into the business career that best meets his/her goals.

I have very few name requirements. If the suggested names could include or reference the themes of military service, business, transitioning to business, etc that would be great. But truly I am open to anything.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: assistance guidance military resources transition
patriotic endeavors, military transition guide, transition militia, accelerate your transition, military transition success, veteran success
Words to Avoid:
army, air force, navy, coast guard


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