Domain Name for a Cartoon Style Graphic Novel/Magazine

Domain Name for a Cartoon Style Graphic Novel/Magazine close

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We are looking for a domain name/brand for a Cartoon style graphic novel/magazine (think the cartoonists from NYtimes as an example). We are thinking of using a stick figure style ( - so please do google and see some examples in case you are not familiar with it. Our graphic designer will create scenes that will have dialogue and will focus on random day to day life memes (sometimes possibly tying them to real-world events). The name should be short (ideally 15 chars or less) and catchy, easy to remember and anyone reading should be given a hint of what they are going to see from the name. Ideally, the main social media handles (twitter, facebook etc) should be available. Keywords (please don't limit yourself to these): stick, figures, humans, story, life, draw, people etc

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