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Design and Print Service

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I currently run a design and print service named "{my name} Creative" However I would like to get away from using my name. I am currently a designer and create logos, flyers, posters, business cards etc.. for my customers and I pass the printing on. I am now expanding and providing the print myself and will be setting up a new website where my customers can order the design and printing online. The name can include the words 'design and print' or just '__ print' and I would like to see some names that stand alone without the words 'design and print'. I do like something engaging like 'moon juice print' or 'moonjuice creative' however there is already someone called that. I like how that name suggests the company is fresh and quirky and I would like something along them lines. It would help if the domain is available but open to suggestions even if it isnt. Thank you.

NEW INFO: I dont really want to use the words 'moon' or 'juice' as there is a similer company that use that. Although I like words along the lines of 'Lemon' that has already been posted, or something related to zest. I also like words like 'Galaxy Print' as its related to stars. Anything unusual relating to the gods names, bliss, stars, Wow, supernova, etc.... I would like something unusual and fresh that can reflect as being creative.

Also I have seen some people are using clever phrases such as "prints charming", "salt and paper" "redhotchillipaper". I really like the use of puns. prints charming is my favourite however I have seen this is used a lot online therefore I would like something different to this one. Please do not use any more using the word 'paper' instead of 'pepper' as I would like to see a few new words used. Thanks!

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Winner: PrintMojo

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