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** PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR NEW INFORMATION: New website for new crime fiction author. I'm told it's best to include my name in the domain. My last name is Sugar and my married name is Gold, but not sure I like the two of them together. I'm an attorney who is writing a legal thriller and need to set up a website/blog, brand/platform -before published. I'm looking for something to make my name as a crime fiction author stand out. Something catchy, but not cheesy. My name is Melissa Sugar or Melissa Sugar-Gold

There are some really good ideas so far, for me to consider. I wanted to add that it is important for me to do one of two things: (1) Use my last name Sugar, or SugarGold as my brand. I would like for my last name to identify me as an author or author and attorney (but the main purpose of the website/blog is my writing, not law practice). It is a bonus if you can combine my name with something that not only identifies me as an author, but a crime fiction author, legal thrillers, thrillers, Suspense, Mystery, etc. (2) If Sugar or SugarGold cannot be used as my brand then I am looking for something short, unique and catchy that identifies the website/blog's primary function: Crime Fiction, or Crime Fiction Resource for Writers.

For example, there is a very popular website/blog titled TheWritersForensicsBlog; ForensicsforWriters. Some other examples of popular writer/author website/blogs that DO NOT INCLUDE THE author's name, that I like are: TheRapSheet CrimeDossier TheKillZone MysteryWritingisMurder CrimeThrillerGirl CrimeAlwaysPays InReferenceToMurder

I considered SouthernFriedHomicide, but don't know if I can use that because of the television series.

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Keyword suggestions: appeal attorney author beat charges code court crime crime criminal criminal crook defendant defense docket evidence felony fiction gold guilt guilty hearsay homicide indictment judge judgment judicial jury justice lawyer legal legal louisiana misdemeanor motions murder mystery not overruled procedure procedure prosecutor rap scene sentence southern spree sugar suppress suspect suspense the thriller time trial verdict write writer
Name I like , but that already belong to successful writer/author website/blogs: CrimeDossier, ForesicsforWriters, TheWritersForensicsBlog, TheRapSheet, CrimeAlwaysPays, MysteryWritingisMurder, TheKillZone, CrimeThrillerGirl


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