Fun Title/Domain for Lifestyle Blog

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Fun Title/Domain for Lifestyle Blog

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Blog Title and Domain for a blog site that covers a ton of topics as we chronicle our lives about our lives (Matt and Alison), food, healthy recipes, gluten-free restaurants, wine (wines we have tried and liked), travel pictures and adventures from around the US and world, events in Austin, quotes and bible verses (a picture of cute script quote), random word definitions, book/movies/tv reviews/what we're watching, home/decor, and kids crafts/tips (and what we do with our kids once we have kids to keep them smart, healthy, and happy--this section will increase a lot more once we have kids). This will be a very high quality blog, similar to, or

It needs to be fun, could be a funky word (like "Life'd or PopSugar"), catchy, easy to remember, preferably something that depicts our happy lifestyle I'll be blogging about, and available in the .com EDIT: Someone else just described what I'm trying to get pretty well: "The customer I am targeting also likes luxury goods and brand names like Lululemon and Northface. They shop at Nordstrom and go to Starbucks. I would like the name to be something creative, hip, and easy to say. Something people would enjoy repeating to another person."

BONUS: It would also be really cool if the the name had some sort of hidden sentimental value to us. Ways to possibly do this (and I'll try to update as I think of more): we call each other "honey bunches" or "honey bunches of oats" frequently. (Because of this, I am leaning towards the name right now.) I call him "Captain Crunch" sometimes, and we sometimes call each other "Mav and Goose". We love green juice, chocolate, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, sleeping, tea, waterfalls, healthy smoothies, watching the news, watching our budget (and being smart about our finances and life), etc. I'll think of more. Feel free to ask me questions in the discussion!

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Keyword suggestions: blog creative family funky happy healthy hip home kids lifestyle lululemon mango nordsrong northface popsugar recipes relationships travel
Life'd (, The Rockstar Diaries (, PopSugar, Wordnik, Nordstron, Starbucks, We're THAT Family, Matt and Alison, Champagne Toasts and Besos, Mango

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