Crowdfunding and Cyber Begging Website

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Crowdfunding and Cyber Begging Website

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I have a crowdfunding and cyberbegging website called Begslist and it is currently being redesigned, but I'm looking for a new name. It is similar to Gofundme and Indiegogo.

I think the Begslist name may be a turn-off. Using words like "beg" and "panhandle" may often be interpreted negatively. I'm looking into finding a kinder and gentler name. I'm not crazy about the names of the compeitors like gofundme or Indiegogo, but they has obviously resonated with many.

I want people to share their campaign page and I think they are reluctant to share a Begslist campaign page on their Facebook because it sounds like they are begging which cold be seen negatively due to the website's name. Maybe they might be too ashamed to post "Help support my Begslist page" because it makes it sound like they are trying to beg for money instead of fundraising for a cause or asking for funds to help them a nice way?

I do own the domain because I like where that website is a way to connect with others, but I'm not so sure if that is persuading or catchy enough for my crowdfunding and cyberbegging website.

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: caring crowdfunding donations forward funding fundraising giving it pay
Something synonymous with crowdfunding, donations, and fundraising, caring or giving.
Words to Avoid:
beg, begging

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