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A Communications App Like Skype/Whatsapp/Facetime

Domain Name Contest created 2 months ago


A Communications App Like Skype/Whatsapp/Facetime

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A communications app enabling better people to people interactions and productivity like skype and whatsapp.

Target audience: Everyone with a smart phone aged over 18.

a very catchy simple short name is essential .com name is great - but other options are also welcome but as long as the name is simple and perfect

Other criteria: Needs to be unique and easy to say or recall, preferably as short as possible, would be nice if it can be used as a verb like skyping and whatsapping are...

Needs to be upbeat positive easy to say or commonly recognized... Some words to consider:

advice advise advisor ai aide ask bridge buzz confer consult dig fast find fone gab gram grid guide guru help hub iop jet keen listen look mentor oracle pensieve people phone qa quest ring ringrang root say search seek seeker sky sol solu solution steer support surf talk talker tell yinyang you

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