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No Nonsense Headline for a Search Marketing Firm

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THIS IS NOT A DOMAIN NAME CONTEST! WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HEADLINE. We're looking for a short simple non-jargon language sentence to describe what we do. It will be a headline on our web site. We don't want to use any of the words; ROI, returns, results etc... as they've been quite degenerated. The audience are online directors and trading directors from online retailers. We need to hit them with something that explains what we do without being too cliché, feel new and spark their interest to read on. They've seen hundred search sites with "ROI" or "Better results" on them. Our bet is that will effectively shut the reader off. So what do we do? We work with large and usually sophisticated online retailers and help them to generate more profitable online sales from search marketing. We put our head on the line for our clients and only get paid when we deliver incremental margin. As opposed to many of our industry peers we will never "tax our client's ad spend". To do this we have a clever technology that integrates our client's inventory with Google turning every search into an updated shopping window based on current inventory and prices. We can also overlay business rules to select which products are advertised in a category on generic searches for example. I.e. introducing merchandising rules to online marketing.

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