Suggest Names for a Brand Selling Nutritional Products

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Suggest Names for a Brand Selling Nutritional Products

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Need suggestions for a brand name under which premium nutritional and health products will be marketed and sold. Examples of products this brand will sell include protein bars, energy bars, shakes, whole grains, supplements, etc. I want the brand name to encompass and convey characteristics of health, wellness, well-being, organic, modern, high-quality, premium, and simplicity. I would also like a brand name that causes the consumer to know what type of products the brand sells by just reading the name, if possible (not a requirement). An ideal brand name will be one that is easy to remember, has a catchy sound to it, and is easily pronounced and spelled. Does not matter if brand name is a completely new combination of words or a more traditional combination of words (or just one single word). Target audience includes consumers who are concerned about their overall health and well-being. These consumers are individuals interested in purchasing various nutritional products such as protein bars, and are extremely passionate and dedicated. I hope I have described my thoughts well enough, and thank you in advance for your help!

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