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Mia Moore Interior's

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I am planning on starting a small interior design firm that will attract residential clentelle as well as retail and commercial clientelles. I will provide services from space planning, programming, construction drawings, furnitrue layout and selection ,finishes selection as well as staging homes for resale. This name needs to be sophisticated for large business who need to expand their current offices as well as attract residential home owners who want to renovate or even resell their home. I would like a name that explains my business but has a creative flare.
My firm will consist of mutiple designers so I would like to stay away from singular references. Also interior design is NOT decorating please stay away from options that say decor or even imply that. I work with steel constrution and wood construction buildings. Interior design is like an architect but works soley on the interior of a building. I would also like the name options to be catchy and short. I foresee my business name
will always end in design.

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