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Minecraft Server Network

Domain Name Contest created 3 years ago


Minecraft Server Network

Pick the Perfect Name

We need an idea for a name of a minecraft server network. Will be for a group of minecraft servers of various types and styles, joined together by a single hub server. For example, a faction/raid server, prison, mini-games, apoc, gta, ect.

More or less looking for a name that can sum up the network/collection as a whole, not just a specific server. Not going to limit it to .com, but I would prefer it to be .com or .net.

Something catchy, not too long of a name, does not contain the word craft anywhere, bonus points if it somehow relates to the game (an item, mob, common event, etc).

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: factions games group hub hunger mini-games network nexus prison pvp raid survival
nexus, raid (as a broad definition... Not a server type), arcadia
Words to Avoid:
craft, mine

Winner: GamesSurge.com

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