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Cryptocurrency Oriented Mining Hardware Software E-Commerce and Learning Resourc ..

Domain Name Contest created 5 months ago


Cryptocurrency Oriented Mining Hardware Software E-Commerce and Learning Resourc ..

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Small business aimed at providing affordable mining hardware, software, and comprehensive learning resources with an online shop, youtube stream, as well as a local workshop. A place for people with every level of technical experience or none, interested in having a hands-on experience in the crypto world. Possibly branching out into cloud mining. Name could be fun or professional with shorter names being more desirable. The keywords I've listed are the areas I've tried to come up with names for but don't feel restricted to those only, almost anything goes. It doesn't have to be entirely crypto related but could be a general business and technology umbrella under which I would have a cryptocurrency related site or two.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: coin digital invented-words colors hands-on workshop creative-but-not-too-silly acronyms technology places objects store trading machines time-based knowledge natural super-natural
I am a fan of people on youtube such as VoskCoin and Bits Be Trippin' but I do not have other specific examples at this time.
Words to Avoid:
Anything with negative connotations or swearing. Numbers in numerical form or spelled out. Names containing "bit" or "blockchain" could get lost in the noise of the internet so they would be a last resort.

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