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We would need a brand name for nordic (software as a service) SaaS web/mobile application development company. We develop SaaS software for private customers and we will offer some SaaS services to general public as well on our website. We do NOT want to be clearly identified as a hosting company, our products and services are mostly built in house and we prefer to identified as a software development company with some hosting services. The name should be in english and clearly "pronounced as spelled (ie. oxnode |ox'node] and not nodeox [no'deox]). We like short and simple name names like Hetzner and Gandi, but we also prefer short, playful and clever names as; Owlbyte, Tailbyte etc. BUT NOT Owlhosting, Tailhost, OwlSolutions, TailApplications (examples too long). Name could be totally invented word as well and sound European, as long as an english speaking person could pronounce and spell the name easily.

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