Premium Leather Goods Brand

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Premium Leather Goods Brand

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We are a premium leather goods company (men's and women's wallets, bags, other every day carry items, etc.). We eventually may look to expand beyond leather, but for now Leather is what we do. Need something we can build a brand/recognizable logo around. Looking for something catchy, simple, and recognizable. We are based out of Reno, NV in the US. Use our keywords or not, we are open to absolutely anything.

Some directions I've looked at are some plays on words (hide (leather), stitches, awl, etc.). Also plays on words of this being an Encore career (encoredesigns or something like that).

Something else you guys can play with is our last name is Di Pietro and my initials are BFD.

I've taken off the requirement for the .com TLD. .com would be preferable, but we want a catchy name first and we can adapt a domain name to that.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Keyword suggestions: atelier awl boundless chic clever converge coveted custom design distinct elegant grandeur handmade harmonious hide inspired linen meticulous quaint rare stitches studio thread unique workshop zenith


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