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I'm an experienced marine insurance broker and I'm looking to set up a new website/blog which will offer insurance policy guidance, tips and explanations to boat insurance and commercial marine insurance buyers and policyholders. Topics will span all aspects from choosing a broker to how certain coverages are rated. Almost like a cheat sheet for anyone looking to buy insurance in the complex marine industry. It will also discuss any relative news (e.g. the COSTA CONCORDIA sinking in the Med, DEEPWATER HORIZON exploding in the Gulf of Mexico, etc..) The target audience will include private boat owners, yacht owners, commercial workboat operators (e.g. commercial fishermen, tugboat/barge operators, large cargo ship operators), shipyards and marinas to name a few. Basically anything that works on or near the water and needs insurance. Additionally, I would like this site to promote myself as an expert and consultant in the field. And should any visitors or readers wish for me to represent them on their insurance, they can do so through the contact form. Discussing insurance is akin to watching paint dry but my aim is to make it somewhat entertaining. I was thinking of using older terms like "The Crow's Nest" (since this was the part of the ship that watched out for danger) but I wasn't completely sold on it, it was already taken and I was having trouble coming up with anything else that was catchy and memorable. Trying to come up with a domain name that would spark curiosity in seemingly a dull industry has been tough. I need some help!

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