New French Cosmetics Brand

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New French Cosmetics Brand

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The name will be used for a new french cosmetisc brand that will be sold all over the world but primarly to the asian market, especially in China. The target is 80% women, between 18-50 years old, interested in skin care and beauty, top quality cosmetics with natural ingredients and who trust the french expertize in cosmetics. The name should primarly reveal the french origin of the products, be pleasent for chineese and asians customers but it can also express other values and qualities.

I am more interested in a name that sounds french to most people of the world, not in an english name that containts the word "french" inside it.

It can also be an abstract name, with different origin than french, but to sound french. For example: SEPHORA.

I would also like a derivation of french word or a combination of french words that give an abstract name. It is not preferable to use very common french words (like: jolie, beaute, belle,etc) exactly like in the dictionary. A creative way to use them should result into an original and catchy name.

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Keyword suggestions: beauty cosmetics french natural original quality
Paule, Sephora, Galenic, Bioderma, Vichy

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