Website to Search for Available Holiday Homes in Europe

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Website to Search for Available Holiday Homes in Europe

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For an existing website ( / i'm looking for a new/better name to also address non nl/de regions.

More specifically in decreasing order of importance: - the name needs to have a clear relation to holiday homes/apartments and/or travel (trip, leave, journey) - our core business is to integrate various datasets/feeds into one search engine, it's desired that this element is also present in the name. Keywords like: catalogue, index, rank, pages, desk, ... - We are an independent/transparent website; this info may also be in the name. - the name can include an emotion term that reflects holiday: happy, weekend, etc... - visitors will be 'searching' for a holiday home, so also any term like search, find, catch, ... can be in the name as well.

Then in general obviously the name needs to be simple and easy to remember.

The contest winner will receive a 5% discount when booked via our webpage.

Thank you all for thinking along! Paul

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Keyword suggestions: holiday home independent net search stay

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