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Please read the description before posting. We are avoiding traditional baby related names. Our website will be selling baby products, take a look at to see the varity we plan to offer. Our target audience are parents, grandparents and friends and family of those who are expecting or already have children. All our products will be made by us we are not a reseller we develop and innovate on existing ideas and products. Every product is researched before being produced. Having looked at many baby brands out there they all seem quite generic with baby in the name or seem to be playing off baby related words. We want to shake things up a bit and go for something different but remain friendly, easy to spell and cute. Good examples we think are unique are,,,, but most of all we love the mom blogger Coconut Robot is the direction we think we want to head. It is easy to spell, comes across cute and I cannot get the name out of my head. If you have any other ideas you may think are suited let us know. :-) If possible we want the brand to portray as much of the requirements below: authenticity, meaningfulness, uniqueness and innovation. No misspellings please

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