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We are in need of a catchy business name for our creative services business that does next day rush projects. Wr are only interested in .com names and NO PREMIUM domain names please. This can be an abstract made up name or a two word name. We need a creative name, not looking for names from the generator so please do not submit those. We are looking for a brand. Below are the services we will be offering and again they will all be services that are for next day rush projects so something that says we are a company of fast projects somehow. We like the word “folio” as in portfolio but we aren’t tied to it. Our main concern as people will know we do next day rush projects by looking at our name. Please do not submit design or graphic names as that is not all we do. Next day logo design Next day web design Next day copywriting Next day graphic design Next day mascot design We do not want a name with graphics or design as we don’t just do those services so we need a broad name that goes with our rush services which is the key point in who we attract.

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  • Hi, Some of these names are off topic. We are looking for a creative brand name something like OpenDot. Some of the words don’t make sense and some I’ve seen on the name generator which we are not interested in :). Also think “fast animals” with creative words to form a brand name. We are open to names with animals as well if it makes sense. Please don’t just throw anything out there. I have gone through everything so far and have voted on them. I really love OpenDot but it’s obviously taken. We are open to ALL names if they make sense.

    Thanks for your creativity!

    Posted 1 month ago by Nikkimigs Pro