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Suggest Name for Premium Drink Coasters Brand

Domain Name Contest created 2 years ago


Suggest Name for Premium Drink Coasters Brand

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Need suggestions for a brand name under which premium drink coaster products/sets will be marketed and sold. Does not matter if brand name is a completely new combination of words or a more traditional combination of words (or just one single word). This brand will sell various types of coasters at a premium price with characteristics such as high-quality, reliable, durable, modern, luxury design, Eco-friendly, and innovative. I want the brand name to encompass and convey the previously mentioned characteristics that the brand's products will have. My target audience would be consumers that are looking to purchase a high quality coaster set for a particular type of drink (I will be selling coaster sets designed specifically for whiskey glasses, sets designed for hot beverages, sets designed for cold drinks, etc.) that will last a great deal of time, is of exceptional quality and top materials (bamboo, silicone, genuine leather, etc.), and has an appealing design even though it may cost more than a typical similar product. Finally, an ideal brand name will be one that is easy to remember, has a catchy sound to it, and is easily pronounced and spelled. I hope I have described my thoughts well enough, and thank you in advance for your help!

No dashes please, numbers are okay.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: beverage co. coaster coasters company drink
American Coaster Company, American Coaster Co.
Words to Avoid:
Best, Top

Winner: Cloud9Coasters.com

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