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Digital Marketing Agency

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


Digital Marketing Agency

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We are in search of a unique name for our digital agency. The ideal name would be 2 syllables (for example; clearpath, upward, bridgepoint) and would represent our business consulting/marketing type services. We are looking for a name that is truly unique to the online marketing/digital media/advertising industry and not widely used in others. While we are ok with using a name that is already taken by another company in a different industry and adding a word to it for .com availability. The associated company must be relatively small, not widely known and especially not related to any form of online marketing, technology, advertising, website development, social media or anything else related internet services or products.

Other aspects we would like to include are readability and symbolism. For example, we would like to avoid made up words, word mashes and word combinations that don't flow well. The name needs to be relevant, clever and easily recognizable. Names like "inceptor" are ok bc the reader can easily associate inception with the name.

Lastly, in terms of symbolism, we would like to find a name that communicates; professionalism, expertise, logic, direction, simplicity and transparency. At the heart of our business, we are problem solvers. We connect business challenges with business solutions and we provide a clear roadmap to help get from point A to point B to achieve objectives. In simple terms, we connect, we bridge gaps, we set the right course, and we deliver real results. Business names we have been drawn to the most are "bridgepoint" and "clearpath"

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: connect bridge path clear

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