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Services Suite App for Busy Professionals - Convenience Tech Startup

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


Services Suite App for Busy Professionals - Convenience Tech Startup

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Our on-demand (expanding) suite of services, currently consisting of Dry Cleaning, Housekeeping, and Dog Walking, saves our customers' valuable time and lets them get back to the things they love.

We have an app so customers can easily create appointments for picking up dry cleaning, having their home cleaned or their dog walked.

Our business is focused on ridiculously good customer service and fast turnaround.

Our Concept Shop is open to visitors who want to learn about our services over a cup of coffee, relax with a treat for their dog, or use our skilled tailor on-premises.

Above all else, our mission is to provide real value to the lives of busy professionals.

We are like Washio, Homejoy, and Swifto in one.

When it comes to the name, we like the idea of the name not noting any of the specific services, but being an general or overarching name that touches on the emotional guidance of the company. Something like "Amazon" or "Uber."

Amazon and Uber are real words, but they generally touch on an emotion or concept that is offered. The Amazon jungle is a huge vast place with millions of different types of plants and animals. Uber is "Awesome" and denotes an emotional statement, that connects a user with how the company sells its services.

3 syllables max.

You can create a word, but it has to be simple and "cool". It should sound like a real word, and sound like it has real value. It should sound punchy, and have some weight. Simpler is better. No letter X, and possibly no letter Z, unless it's something great. It should not sound techy or computer-y.

We do not want words that do not say anything emotionally.

We do not like combination words, unless they are really exceptional.

Again, Simple, Solid, and Punchy

Thanks for your time! :)

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: app busy convenience professional service suite tech
Amazon, Uber, Skype, Boxed, Porter, Tesla, Tinder, Barawine, Everlane, Homejoy, Nook, Swifto, Disco, Simplo, Lytro, Pinterest, Handybook
Words to Avoid:
Concierge, Butler, Maid, Home, Dry, Dog, Clean,Suite ,busy , convenience , demand , on , professional , service , suite , tech /

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