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Search Engine for Data & Facts

Pick the perfect name

Our Mission

We love right answers.

That's why we're putting the world's data in everyone's hands.

To achieve this, we're building the first ever fact-oriented search engine.

Target audience: the general public.


  • 1 word (even if it's made up / a portmanteau like Microsoft)

  • 2 syllables (can stretch to 3).


  • einstein.com (Simple. Humble. You can ask it something. It has lots of data.)

  • google.com (Simple. Humble. Fun.)


  • infopoint.com (Too corporate.)

  • infoq.com (Too corporate.)

  • datahub.com (Too technical.)

  • searchr.com (Too technical / startup-y)

  • blobble.com (A little too childish / not suitable to all generations)

Name Types :
  • Compounds (FaceBook, YouTube, WordPress)
  • Tweaked words (Flickr, Lyft, Pinterest)
  • Made-up words (e.g. Yammer, Etsy, Skype)
  • Open to all ideas
Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
google.com, einstein.com
Words to Avoid:
info, data

65 names

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