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Efficient Healthcare -- Jobs Directory and More

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We are creating a single brand to unite several services that make healthcare more efficient. Examples include a local directory of healthcare providers similar to ZocDoc but targeting a broader range of healthcare practitioners, and a healthcare job site where organizations can post available healthcare jobs and healthcare professionals can find jobs and post their resumes.

Generally, the brand we are building aims to facilitate and lubricate healthcare transactions. As you'll see in the example above, it facilitates transactions between practitioners and patients, and facilitates transactions between employers and employees. Our goal is to make these transactions simpler, more effective and more cost-effective. We don't want the brand to be limited only to the above examples. These are merely examples.

We do want the brand and domain to be sticky (simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, etc.) and professional yet consumer-friendly (it needs to serve both professional markets as well as consumer markets). It also needs to account for all types of healthcare and healthcare practitioners, so anything too medical won't work. Rather than "medicine," think "care."

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Keyword suggestions: accessible / authoritative / care / clinic / conduit / easy / efficient / facilitator / health / helpful / simple / treat / treatment / trustworthy / wellness

Winner: BetterTend.com

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