F&B Strategy and Spatial Planning Consultancy

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F&B Strategy and Spatial Planning Consultancy

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I am starting a consultancy company in creating Food and Beverage Strategies and Solutions (including Spatial Planning) for shopping centres. When a new mall is being built, I consult on how much F&B should be planned (should their be a food court, should there be a restaurant cluster and where is the best location for it, where individual cafes and restaurants and kiosks should be placed in the mall etc.). I consult on how the spaces should be spatially and architecturally planned, I suggest new to market concepts and ideas for the clusters, and then suggest what brands should be targeted for the mall. I work on introducing elements to the mall that are 'new to market'. My target audience are shopping centre developers, real estate developers and architects.

My approach is to map the consumer purchase path, analyzing trends (current and future) on consumption, consumer preferences, buying patterns and consumer demographic characteristics, and develop an F&B strategy ensuring each retail development I consulting on offers a new EXPERIENCE. I am NOT an architect, rather while developing F&B strategies, I work closely with architects to spatially plan, design and refine the space keeping in mind operational requirements for efficiency. I try to create F&B solutions that are of the 'future' or are Food 2.0!

A competitor company is called Future Food (www.futurefood.com.au) but I don't like their name as it sounds too basic! Ideally if words like food, dining, experience or retail can be ‘creatively’ in the company name it will immediately validate what I do. The aim for this competition is to come up with a company name that is professional yet showcases creativity. It is important for there to be an immediate connotation that I think about the future and that the solution that I am suggesting is 'next generational'. I want the name to be creative, easy to remember, have an emotional connection (create excitement) yet highlight that I think outside the box!

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Keyword suggestions: 2.0 dining experience food next generational master planning mapping
Food 2.0
Words to Avoid:
strategy; solutions; ventures; global; international; future; next gen (or next generational)

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