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Dog Dental Chew Bone Naming Contest

Name Contest created 1 week ago


Dog Dental Chew Bone Naming Contest

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Bullibone, a dog chew toy company. has created a bone that Brushes a dog's teeth while they chew and promotes good oral health.. Bullibone is known for its handles that allow the dog to hold the bone while they chew. The dental treat space is very popular but there are few long-lasting chews like Bullibone in the market that focus this.

We need a name for this new toy. The Name needs to be 3 words or less. The bone is not a treat. do not use the words like treat or snack Feel free to incorporate any of the info stated above.

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: Dental / Chew / Bone / Brush / Dog
Words to Avoid:
Treat, Snack

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