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Millenials BLOG / Something Like Entrepreneur.Com

Domain Name Contest created 1 year ago


Millenials BLOG / Something Like Entrepreneur.Com

Pick the Perfect Name

Hello guys,

I need your support to create an awesome, sexy and seductive BLOG name.

The blog is about millenials problems we have in my country: ITALY.

Mainly the problems are there is no job and smart people need to start their own business or private job, or go abroad and find there.

The website is actually named www.thesmartway.it (you can check it)

Despite maybe in english could be a nice one, in italian have not the same appeal.

So I woul find an Italian name or a better english one, easy for also non english speakers with a maximum of two combined words (Ex: SMARTWAY, instead THESMARTWAY)

FOCUS: the focus of this blog is to provide good tips for a SUCCESSFUL, FREEDOM LIFESTYLE to people who want SUCCED in this CHALLENGE and create something themeselves.

NICHE: millenials who want start a business, or move abroad, earn money online.

NAME REQUIREMENTS: unique, impressive, sexy, short (max 2 words, or 3 with a combined one EX: businessONFIRE, LETSGOtravel, ecc), BETTER ITALIAN WORDS including KEYWORDS of the website

DOMAIN REQUIREMENTS: I would have a .IT domain available, better if there is also a .COM

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: aprire azienda come diventare guadagnare
entrepreneur.com, businessinsider.com, quicksprout.com

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