Name For: Famous Writer Will Mentor Wanna-Bes to Success

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Name For: Famous Writer Will Mentor Wanna-Bes to Success

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Should I use my name in domain, as it's known to some, and also allows person to google me or hit me up on Wikopedia to see that I'm legit? I was thinking: CHERIE BENNETT'S WRITER IGNITOR. My target audience is anyone from wanna-be writers in any of my genres who have not yet written a word, to those "stuck" mid-work, to those with finished work who either have no idea how to sell it, don't know why it keeps getting turned down, have not had critical feedback from a pro to help them polish their work into marketable shape. Also, when their work is ready, I have the CRUCIAL CONNECTIONS they lack. People can join as a MEMBER: full access to site -- articles, blogs, advice from famous writers, personal Q&A with me, etc. Or join the MENTOR PROGRAM: Intensive, ongoing one-on-one with me including reading/critiquing their work, rewrites and editing, or helping them start/outline, get writing, moving forward step by step until work is ready to be read by top publishers/producers/agents. I'm a "LIFE COACH" for writers and wanna-bes --who can help them take their DREAM of becoming a successful writer, to a DREAM COME TRUE.

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