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Generic Business Name

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Pick the Perfect Name

We are looking for a new business name which is generic so the business can stay flexible. The business name MUST have the .com available.

It needs to be short (around 4-8 letters long) as the business name will be registered by itself and used as a prefix to the services offered. eg Name Web Design, Name Photography, Name Consulting. (These names will also be registered with a .com).

Not too hard to spell. Two words merged together would be ok, if they made sense. :-)

The slogan of the business will be based around 'Big Picture Thinking'.

It would be great if the business name could start with the letter A - but not essential.

No numbers in the name please.

We would like the name to reflect qualities such as: -Professionalism -Creativity -Reliability -Good Service -Good Business Practices -Helpfulness -Seeing the customer as an individual -Niceness -etc etc

We would like the logo to be something based around a sphere/circle.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

Edit - Thank you for all the suggestions so far. You guys are amazing! If you have any ideas (not just starting with A) which reflects big picture thinking and creativity that would be awesome!

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