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Global Online Skill Based 'Gambling' Game Website

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


Global Online Skill Based 'Gambling' Game Website

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A new online game where skill is used to win monetary prizes.

Players play $1 and then use skill and judgement to win prizes with very large grand prizes.

Essentially, players are all competing against each other.

Comparisons could be drawn between lottery games, lowest unique auctions and online trading.

Our market is a global market, we'll be hoping to attract customers from every country in the world - so something with specific english terms e.g. the word "prize" may not swing so well in other countries.

Ideally, as it's a game, the name should be fun, but also bear in mind that big money prizes can be won through the game.

I'm particular fond of web 2.0 names and the idea that we can use the name to build in a brand, so something that would also look good on a t-shirt would be great.

As an example of what we've come up with so far, our current name is trickly.com however we've decided that the word "trick" might be interpreted as meaning fraudulent by some, so we would rather avoid those sort of connotations

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Keyword suggestions: billion brand competition gaming lottery million money prize skill social win

Winner: Gamitry.com

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