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I am looking for a name that would combine the aspects of artistry and cold in one word. It can, of course, be a combination of two words bound together, but it must sound good pronounced as one and look good being written this way. It can have a references to figure skating -but also winter and cold in general and dance, (or art in general) and / or music. It could also be a combination of something referring to ice / cold / skating and or dance / art / music with some more ´general´suitable terms, such as ´harmony´, ´fantasy´ , ´imagination´, ´creation´ et cetera. It can be both in English and foreign language (f.eks French, Italian, Latin etc). Must sound good and be available as a username on Instargam ! (signs like . or _ are allowed).

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  • Thank you everyone, for providing so many interesting names ! Everybody got a hint of what I am thinking about and it is wonderful. I have chosen two that I like the best so far, but I am not closing the contest yet. Possibilities are many, and you´re going in a right direction and I still have some time to decide. Maybe something interesting will pop up tomorrow or even tonight. I am excited to see some more.

    Posted 10 months ago by osypinska      

  • Is this a competition dance company or performance/theater dance company? Hence, the mood/tone you're after.

    Posted 10 months ago by Prismistic Inkclicks      

  • It is a performative group, not a competitive one. More of a ´theatre on ice´ one could say. But not only that. The company will be a ´mother´ to different projects combining dance, figure skating, live music and other art forms. That is why I am looking for a name that would have some background in any combination of those fields, but could be universal at the same time : ) It is quite difficult to find just the right one. I have also some ideas of my own written down, but I am looking for more inspiration. Hope this clarifies it a bit more.

    Posted 10 months ago by osypinska      

  • Thank you! That is very helpful. There are definitely words that have more of a strong competitive tone that wouldn't work very well with performance art. This will save time from heading in the wrong direction.

    Posted 10 months ago by Prismistic Inkclicks      

  • Yes, that´s true. One more thing. I don´t know if everybody will see this, I hope so. If not, I think I have to edit the description. I just want to clarify that by saying ´a combination of two words´ I actually meant combining /merging them together, not necessarily just ´glueing´ them. I think a lot of people got the hint of it, but there are also a lot of entries that just glue two or more words together. I liked one: ´ColdThearte´ -and this one is shortlisted, but it does not mean that it is the only option. I myself was playing with things like ´Patinarto´ (pattinagio + arto - á la italian ) , Frevimento (freddo + movimento -á la Italian), but the ending is pliable, so it can sound Italian, French, Spanish, Latin, English... So, the options are theoretically endless, but the name has to have ´that something´. It has to be easy to say, easy to remember, without weird things popping up when you google it, available on Instagram, not bringing to mind bad connotations, et cetera. That is why I am trying out every possible combination of words that have to do with the cold or ice or skating with words related to theatre, performance, dance, art, movement, and so on. In all those language versions. I have, as I mentioned a few shortlisted (both from here and my own), but I am still to find that ´WOW, that´s it!!´ feeling. For more inspiration, those are shortlisted:

    ColdTheatre Patinarto Figurativo Iceamble (word assamblé is a name for a dance step)

    It is not an easy task, I myself tried I think at least a hundread combinations before I shortlisted anything. But thanks everyone for the input !!!

    I still have some time, so the contest is still open.

    Posted 10 months ago by osypinska