Name my Photography and Digital Artwork Company

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Name my Photography and Digital Artwork Company

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I'm wanting a unique, edgy, catchy, contemporary and unconventional name for my business, which is mainly Photography, but also Digital Artwork / Layout Design. Ideally I would like to have a main name that I can register as a company (and domain name - "") that is generic enough to suit the two different areas of my business... I could then design a main generic logo and from that, sub-brand 2 more logos that just have a line underneath for using more specifically i.e. "xxx" photography and "xxx" digital art. NB. Name of company must not be too cliche or conflict with any other New Zealand based business. "", ".nz", and ".com" domain names must be available. Names can be related to my line of work with a visual or emotive spin (e.g. vibrance, focus, evoke, aperture, iris, retrospect, capture, luminousity, lumo, digital, studio, Pixel Fusion etc.), or be quite abstract (e.g. Tamarillo, Hot Chilli, Red Cactus etc.) This is for a business name... not just a domain name, so it has to sound good, flow well (have a nice ring to it) and portray quality and integrity. By that I mean, nothing that sounds budget, perfunctory, cheesy or tacky.

Domain Name:
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Red Flax Digital, Red Flax Creative, Shutter Pixie, Visionaire, Pixel Muse, EdgeTone Creative, Luminesse, Lumify, The Vivid Pixie, Red Shutters Creative, Pixel Dust, Lumotone, LiveLoveLens, LumoNova, Blue Rock Photography
Words to Avoid:
snap, picture, pix, foto

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